Greybeard represents a combination of two archetypes: the wise old man and the outlaw pirate.

The wise old man is a philosopher, an archetype as described by Carl Jung. He is distinguished by his accumulated wisdom and life experience in combination with common sense. He uses his personal knowledge of people and the world to tell stories and provide guidance. He acts as a guide, as a mentor.

The outlaw pirate is another archetype and always in search of his only goal: the treasure. In the real world, this is every common goal we set ourselves. The pirate lives outside all conventions, rules and laws and can therefore think outside the box. The archetypal image of the pirate represents self-examination and revelation. A pirate symbolizes all that is not bound by convention and supports freedom of mind.

Patrick Janssen represents both types in his role as an intercultural expert. The wise man with his knowledge and experience, the pirate with his unconventional thinking and a keen insight into which resources and strategies are needed, specific for each situation, person, team or organization.