Intercultural training

Saeed is a kind man. He always agrees with what you propose. But in the end, it turns out he did not do what you asked. Why doesn’t he just say ‘no’?


Greybeard intercultural training teaches you and your team to recognize hidden communication and underlying values. You learn to look beyond the behavior, appearance and communication style. These training courses include:

  • Competences how to deal with your own culture and with other cultures.
  • How can I support inclusivity?
  • How do I deal with my culture shock? And with those of others?
  • What are my own cultural spectacles? How do I view and assess other cultures?
  • How do I recognize underlying assets?
  • How do I engage in a dialogue instead of a discussion?

Cultural Sensitivity is like “management” or “marketing”. Things that seem familiar and easy to understand, but ultimately much more complex than initially estimated. This underestimation often leads to costly mistakes. It is a key to success to know on what level of cultural sensitivity you currently are. And how do you recognize the cultural sensitivity level of others?

“I expected that I would mainly learn something about other cultures and how I should deal with others, but I also learned something about myself. I am much more aware of my perspectives, how I see the world. And I realize that my view is just one of many.”