Consulting & Coaching

“I have been working here for two years. I grew up in Iran, but have lived here for 15 years now. In the beginning I understood the ‘cliché’ questions that colleagues asked me about my religion, what was ‘normal’ for me? What I had brought for lunch. Now I find it more and more difficult. It seems as if I am constantly being addressed about my ethnicity or that they want to show fake respect in order not to be accused of discrimination. How can I stop this behavior and make them see me as the highly skilled engineer that I am?”

Ring any bells?

In addition to many years of experience in training and coaching, I have access to the accumulated knowledge of the Research Institute for Cultural Differences. With that, I can help you with related problems that look like:

My American investor wants to see money after six months while we are still just investing, why doesn’t he understand this? How do I explain this?

We have already come up with a solution three times, but those French keep saying “no”. Why are they doing this? How do I handle this?

Why do those Chinese hesitate so long in making a decision? Negotiations are on hold for over a month.

“Patrick combines a vast knowledge of theory with years of experiences. Very helpful to actually apply and practice the theory. Practice makes perfect, as it turned out in a role play. We first did the Culture test and then had to behave in the opposite way. As a Linear-active person who had to play a Multi-active person, I suddenly understood that it made perfect sense to combine my tasks and conversations.”